Design Element Flowers creates a stunning range of Hand-tied Bouquets  delivered through Irlam, Salford, Manchester, Chesire and surrounding areas weather it is for a special Occassion for a Anniversary, Birthday, Get well, Sympathy or even lust to say I love You . The hand-tied a great gift to send if you do not find what you are looking for then call our In-house Florists on 0161 775 7039 to discuss your requirments. 

Careing for Your hand-tied Bouquet      

Design Element Flowers has  already arranged for you and tied togetheryour collection of flowers, the first rule is not to cut the binding string. It doesn't harm the flowers and it means the bouquet will stay looking gorgeous. If it's been delivered aquapacked i.e. there's a bubble of water around the stems hold the bouquet over a sink and cut the bottom off the film cut the tieing piont to remove this cellophane from the bottom carefully emty the water over th sink.Now you will have stunning hand-tied with cellophane around the ourside with nice clean stems at the bottom using the flower food supplied mix and place in vase. To prolong your vase life cut 1/4 inch on the stem evry other day and place back into you vase.